You Sell What You Show

Samples are a great way to showcase your products, your brand, and the luxurious, powerful experience you provide. Having a selection of samples allows your clients to fall in love with the idea of having their own album.

Get yourself some samples at a discounted price and have your clients realize they can’t be without your photo products.

Sample sale coupon codes

Please add the corresponding code below to your cart when ordering a sample. A limit of 2 albums of the same size per year has been set. If you are in need of more samples, please email

8×8 or 8×10 albums 

8x8sample (35%)

10×10 or 9×12 albums 

10x10sample (35%)

12×12 albums (40%)

12x12sample (40%)

Couture Boxes & Presentation Boxes

Sample25 (25%)

Ice cubes

Sample25 (25%)

Metal Prints & Folios

Sample25 (25%)