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A spread is the left and right side of an open album – spreads can consist of a single image, 2 images (one left, one right) or a combination of different images (one image can take 2/3 of the spread and the other image is 1/3, etc.), the choice is yours.

To print your albums, we require spreads and not single images. This is because we print your album in a layflat structure so that none of your imagery is lost in the gutter or restricted to a single page.

Therefore, the size of your spread will be double the length of your album. Be sure to include 1/8 of an inch bleed on each side when designing your spreads.

File Format

Please save and upload your spreads in JPEG format. The naming of your spreads is important as this is how our team will know the order of your spreads. Name and save your spreads in the order that you want them in the album: 1st spread = Name001, 2nd spread = Name002… 20th spread = Name020

Color Profile

Please use the color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1


When saving spreads, the DPI must be kept at 300. This will ensure your image quality is high and  will prevent blurry images in your albums. 

For the integrity of the spine, the number of spreads will depend on the size and type of album. 

6×6 and 6×8 standard albums have a limit of 25 spreads. 
8×8, 8×10, 10×10, 9×12 and 12×12 have a limit of 30 spreads. 
Journal albums have a limit of 17 spreads. 

Album design options: 
Album Stomp – Smart Albums – Fundy 

Free option: Free photoshop templates in ‘How to Order’ templates section. 

Prints & Mats

Standard: Fuji Lustre

Upgrade: Fuji Deep Matte or Fuji Pearl

Images for prints and mats must be cropped to the size of your requested print. Options: 5×7 7×10 8×10 8×12 When ordering, please select the number of prints that corresponds with the number of images uploaded -> 10 prints = select 10 prints on the product page. *If you select 1 matted print but upload 10 .jpeg images, your order will be placed on hold until the remainder of your images have been paid. If you select Black AND White Mats for the same Presentation Box, please specify which images will be paired with each colored mats, or add them separately.

Presentation Boxes have 2 depths – up to 10 mats or up to 20 mats.

A folio is a bifold and is either horizontal or vertical – you cannot have 1 horizontal image and 1 vertical image. Your images can either be mounted or matted.

Imprinting, Engraving & Logo

Imprinting is text or a logo die being stamped into the cover material or on the lining of your album/presentation box.

Engraving is the incising of a design on our Ice Covers (Acrylic).

You can imprint up to 2 lines of text on your albums. The size will vary depending on the chosen text and font.

Your logo can be stamped onto an album – any size up to 3×3 – Select ‘Logo stamp using new die’ and upload a .jpeg file of your logo in Black and White with your spreads.

Imprinting can be done in Gold, Black, Red, Silver and Blind (no colour).

All smooth cover materials:

Leathers: Black leather, Smouldering, Magnetic, Serene, Imperial, Antique Silver, Moonlight, Rathlin, Passionate Pacific, Rose Gold, Red Leather, Moonstone, Merlot, Martini, Enchanted, Electric Blue, Enchanted

Vegan Leathers: Black IM, Black Silk, Red IM, Black Linen, Vegan Moonlight, Vegan Rose Gold

Velvets: Black Forest, Blueberry, Eggplant, Hot Chilli, Meringue, Passionfruit

Suedes: Raspberry Tart, Sugar Plum, Sweet Pea.

You can select the location of your imprinting on the product page. If the material cannot be imprinted on, the front and back covers will not be options. 

Can be done on any Ice Covers except the 12×12 couture box. Simply upload the image, logo or quote (in black and white) you would like engraved in the size you would like it engraved in a .jpeg format.

(If you are wanting a 6×4 artwork engraved, the artwork you upload must be 6×4.)

Samples & Swatches

Yes! You sell what you show!

Samples are a great way to showcase your products, your brand, and the luxurious, powerful experience you provide. Having a selection of samples allows your clients to fall in love with the idea of having their own album. Get yourself some samples at a discounted price and have your clients realize they can’t be without your photo products.



8×8 & 8×10 albums – 8x8sample (35%)

9×12 & 10×10 albums – 10x10sample (35%)

12×12 albums – 12x12sample (40%)

Couture boxes & Presentation Boxes – sample25 (25%)

Ice cubes  sample25 (25%)

Metal Prints & Folios  sample20 (20%)

Apply your coupon code on the designated bottom left section of your cart. 

We generally do not stamp your samples with ‘sample’ markings on the album unless requested.

Your first set of sample swatches is complementary and includes our entire range of cover materials (leather, faux leather, suede, velvet and florals). Add the Sample Swatches product in your cart and use discount code SWATCHES100 in your cart.

Turnaround & Shipping

Our usual turnaround time is 7-10 business days (2 weeks) for albums, couture boxes, folios and presentation boxes plus shipping. Ice covers, Ice cubes and metal prints may take up to 15 business days (3 weeks) plus shipping. 

During busy periods, deadlines are set to guarantee delivery prior to the Holiday. For Valentine’s Day, the deadline is usually around mid-January and for Christmas, the deadline is usually towards the end of November. Exact dates are emailed and posted on social media a few weeks prior. During these peak seasons, we do not accept rush orders.

For 2024, the estimated Christmas deadline will be November 10 for international orders and November 15 for US/Canada orders.

If there are any production issues with your order such as missing spreads, missing ice/picture cover, missing imprinting text/color, location, incorrect spread sizes, etc., an email will be sent to you to notify you that your order has been placed on hold.

We will email you to let you know what we require from you to proceed with production. Your order will remain on hold until we have received all of the necessary information. The turnaround time will begin once we have all of the required information for your order. 

None of your orders are packaged with order forms or invoices and all of our US orders are duty and tax-free. 

To save some time, you can choose to send the albums directly to your clients. Please ensure the address noted is the correct one – include apt. numbers, etc.

*Please note that you are responsible to let your clients know when the order will be arriving. If the package is returned to us, you will be charged for shipping.

Your albums are placed in a black satin bag, wrapped in metallic tissue
paper, then placed in an unbranded black box. This black box is then placed in a cardboard box without any mention of ‘Boudoir’.

Need an album rushed? Add in your order notes the date you require
the album by, and we will try to make it happen. If you require it within 5 business days, please call us directly prior to ordering to ensure we process the order immediately.

Rush orders may cost $60-90 extra if overtime is required. Please note that albums are handmade and the date requested does not guarantee.

you will receive it by then. If there are issues, we will notify you. If you request a rush but do not indicate a date, we will not process your order as a rush.

For shipping outside of US and Canada, please email for a shipping quote. 

Once your order has been placed and shipped, we will send you an invoice with the shipping charge. 

If your order arrives damaged, please email the order number, the products needing to be remade, and photos of the damage. 

Placing Your Order

Although boudoir photographers are our main focus, we print any genre! We have customers who often order albums for seniors, weddings, pets, celebrations, baby, family etc.

Although all of our orders are processed manually, we DO NOT check each image or file for color correction, exposure, lightness, darkness etc. Please only send us print-ready files.

Calibrating your screen to our printer is important as it prevents images printing darker or lighter than expected. Want your images to print exactly how you see them on your screen? Add the free calibration file product in your cart (in the ‘for your studio’ category).

Once your order is complete, you will be able to download the digital copy directly from the store. The printed copy will be mailed. When you have both the printed and digital copies, you will be able to compare the two and calibrate your screen.

If you are wanting to see how your pictures print on our Fuji Lustre paper, order our test prints located in the ‘for your studio’ category.

Credit card payment and/or paypal are accepted.

Yes! Companion albums can be purchased at a discounted rate – with the other album – using code COMPANION20

Templates & Design Services

Gilding is not available for 6×6 and 6×8 albums. 

Custom gilding:
Custom gilding designs can be created on the gilding templates located in the ‘how to order – template’ section of the website. 
Gilding designs are also available on the album products.

Yes! We have template for covers & gilding on our Templates page in the ‘How to Order’ section. 

Client Privacy & Security

Yes, of course. Boudoir is an intimate genre we are familiar with. “Erotica” & “Porn” categories vary by the viewer, so please contact us if you have any questions about submitting your order.

We do not print illegal content, such as underage nudity (with exceptions for newborns).

We will always consult with you before considering a decision not to print.

At The Boudoir Album (part of SIA Albums Inc) we are acutely aware of the need to keep both your information and your images private and confidential.

In terms of images, our policies include:

All images are deleted from our systems within 4 – 6 weeks of processing an order.

We use a secure FTP site for image uploads.

Each customer has a unique username and password, and only have access to their own files. Only the administrator is able to download images from your FTP site.

In order to ensure maximum security for your images, please ensure that your password is strong. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password.

We will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call, an unsolicited email, or SMS.

Your images will be seen only by our staff managing your order as well as staff who are doing the printing of the images.

The physical or electronic submission of your images expressly implies that all copyright permissions have been obtained and granted constituting permission for The Boudoir Album to have full permission for reprinting. 

All copyrighted photographs used in any album or product from The Boudoir Album must have the express written permission from their original owners in order to be reproduced at The Boudoir Album.

Accordingly, you shall indemnify, defend and hold The Boudoir Album harmless from any suit, demand, claim or liability arising from any and all copyright infringements.