Do you often feel like you are on the edge of a burnout? Do you often feel like clients are pulling one over on you? Are you tired of people taking advantage of you? Do you sometimes feel icky after you’re done working with a client?

These may be signs that it is time to set some boundaries up for yourself and join Michele Mateus in this FREE 90-minute online workshop.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

1:00pm EST        /        11:00am MST        /        10:00am PST

Duration: 90 minutes





When you set aligned boundaries you are telling yourself and others that you are worthy and want to be valued.  Sound familiar to what you tell your clients?

Help us in shaping our identity;
Empower us to feel rooted in our beliefs;
Help us function from a place of integrity;
Work to inform our decisions in both life and business;
Allow use to be in a loving relationship with ourselves.

workshop structure

The workshop will start with a quick guided meditation to get you into your bodies, and out of your heads, connecting with your felt senses and how you want to feel when you think about having stronger boundaries. 

 Michele will then walk you through a process to help you create healthy boundaries by identifying your current boundaries, what you desire, what you want to feel and set an action plan to put those in place. You will leave this workshop feeling supported and excited that you can put new boundaries in place that will ensure you are working from a place of alignment while taking your power back!


Michele Mateus is an evocative art maker and pro-confidence booster! She uses the art of photography to empower women and anyone wanting to connect with their Femme essence.

After 8.5 years of being in business and riding the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship, Michele decided to add Coaching to her offerings to help people better connect with themselves the same way she does with her clients in her studio.

She noticed that we preach empowerment but so often do not empower ourselves, and are working ourselves to the point of sickness. This is what led her to explore the powerful world of Embodiment, which she uses as a Coach to guide people back to their inner knowing, build trust within themselves and have a business (and life!) that is truly aligned while defining your own success.

Michele is a F word loving, bright lipstick wearing, karaoke fan! She is a mother, a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis and a proud feminist. She is excited to help our community become more sovereign while also running profitable soul aligned businesses.

Find Michele’s qualifications, experience and more information here
You can find her on Instagram @mateusstudios & @mateuscoaching

Headshot Credit: Kara Marie 


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